About Us

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Our vision is to be the most highly regarded and preferred alternative assets investment platform in the world.
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Our team of collaborative and credentialed specialists are focused and aligned to the unique needs of discerning wholesale, qualifying, accredited, professional and sophisticated clients.
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Our core values include integrity, innovation, aspirational, diversity, alignment and making a better world.
About Us

Our vision is to be the most highly regarded and preferred alternative assets investment platform in the world.


Our team of collaborative and credentialed specialists are focused and aligned to the unique needs of investment managers, asset sponsors and wholesale investors.


Our core values include integrity, innovation, diversity, collaboration and contributing to a better world.

At The SILC Group we believe that the combination of products and approach via our portfolio, capital and digital solutions provides a relevant, compelling, unique, distinctive and differentiated value proposition to our wholesale and professional clients. We do this by being:
  • Specialists: we specialise in alternative assets and investment opportunities.
  • Alternative: we offer our clients distinctive alternative opportunities and solutions that are otherwise unattainable elsewhere through traditional channels.
  • Convenient: we provide a holistic platform for investors to collaborate with ideas.
  • Focused: we only deal with wholesale clients and our approach and solutions reflect this.
Our vision is for The SILC Group to be a the most highly regarded and preferred alternative investments platform in the world.
Our mission at The SILC Group is to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and prosperity of the world.
The SILC Group’s corporate values which define who we are and how we interact with our stakeholders are:
  • Integrity:  we build trust through doing the right thing and ensuring we deliver on our promises
  • Innovation: we challenge the status quo, take smart risks and embrace change
  • Diversity: we value differences in people, ideas and experiences
  • Collaboration: we seek to build purposeful relationships underpinned by cooperation and mutual benefit
  • Contributing to a Better World: we embrace the opportunity and the responsibility to create positive impacts for our community
The SILC Group’s core values are underpinned by its corporate culture, and can be characterised as:
  • Different: continually seeking ways to differentiate ourselves from and being unlike those in the market place.
  • Leading Edge: having foresight in our nature and being vanguards in our approach.
  • High Functioning: exploring ways to remain compelling and relevant through continuous improvement.
  • Collaborative: balancing life with work and having this approach with our clients too.
  • Entrepreneurial: always looking for new opportunities to add value to clients through which we can explore and grow together.

Since The SILC Group’s inception more than a decade ago, we have continued to grow as a specialised financial solutions provider spanning independent wholesale trustee and fund administration services, funding solutions and alternative investment products.

The SILC Group was granted its first Australian Financial Services License (AFSL 407100) in October 2011, paving the way for us to provide our discerning wholesale and sophisticated clients with tailored solutions to meet their unique financial requirements.

Over the years, as an independent wholesale trustee and fund administrator, The SILC Group has worked with numerous investment managers and asset sponsors on a selected basis across the various alternative asset classes including private debt, unlisted property, infrastructure, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.

Our capabilities have also grown to include capital raising solutions and fund placement to provide our wholesale investors with the opportunity to access and gain exposure to range of bespoke alternative investment and private market opportunities.

More recently we have obtained our second AFSL and expanded our footprint internationally into Asia. Additionally, we are developing our digital solutions platform to create more efficiency, velocity and scalability in the activities we undertake. We remain committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes when delivering to their specific mandates.

The SILC Philanthropic Foundation Fund (Foundation) is a public ancillary fund and grant-making trust established for the purpose of public philanthropy.

The Foundation is structured to grow in perpetuity over many generations, paving an avenue for donors to create a long-lasting legacy and impact. To paraphrase Aristotle, “giving money away is easy, but giving it away effectively and having an impact is a very different matter”.

This Foundation is guided by the same values and standard of excellence that The SILC Group business continuously strives to maintain.

As a global citizen, The SILC Group is conscious to do our part and to also bring our valued partners and stakeholders with us along the journey of rewarding philanthropy. We are committed to working towards making philanthropy accessible and driving measurable positive and lasting outcomes for the benefit of the community.

For further information regarding the SILC Philanthropic Foundation Fund,  please contact us.

The team at The SILC Group spans across wide ranging client segments, functional and product areas that are both relevant and desirable to the wholesale clients we service. We are a highly qualified and experienced team with extensive networks and relationships, and are passionate and determined to ensure we meet and exceed our clients expectations, as well as our aspirational goals.

The SILC Group fosters a motivating, challenging and rewarding environment and a culture that encourages all team members to reach their full potential. Our working environment empowers individuals to take direct accountability, control, ownership and responsibility for their activities.

If you believe you have the appropriate skills, experience and talents and are interested in working with us, please take the initiative to Contact us.