Our Solutions

The SILC Group provides a range of portfolio, digital and capital solutions that suit the desideratum of our investment managers, asset sponsors and wholesale investors.


Our specialists work alongside our sophisticated clients to understand their business, project or asset requirements to determine the appropriate solutions to support their future growth and funding needs.


Since launching in 2012, The SILC Group has become a leading alternative provider of independent wholesale trustee, security trustee, fund administrator, registry, facility agency and licencing services.


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The SILC Group provides a range of portfolio, digital and capital solutions that suit the desideratum of our wholesale private, commercial and institutional clients.
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Our specialists work alongside our commercial clients to understand their business, project or asset requirements to determine the appropriate solutions to support their future growth and funding needs.
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Since launching in 2012, The SILC group has become a leading alternative provider of independent wholesale trustee, security trustee, fund administrator, registry, facility agency and licencing services.
As demand for specialised and alternative investment assets increases, sophisticated investors are turning to managed investment funds that are professionally managed by a trustee and investment manager that are appropriately authorised under a relevant Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). Through the establishment of a managed investment fund, as an investment manager, you will be able to provide wholesale investors with enhanced access and more choice of investment assets that have otherwise been unattainable to those investors.

Fund Design & Establishment
The SILC Group provides a range of portfolio solutions to our investment managers that meet the needs of wholesale and accredited investors. As a holder of a relevant AFSL. The SILC Group has extensive experience in designing and developing investment fund products which invest in a wide range of underlying asset classes. These structures include but are not limited to:

  • Management Investment Schemes (MIS)
  • Management Investment Trusts (MIT)
  • Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (VCLP)
  • Venture Capital Limited Partnerships (VCLP)
  • Corporate Collective Investment Vehicles (CCIV)
  • Corporate Trading Trusts (CTT)
  • Feeder Funds (Feeder)
  • Fund of Funds (FoF)
Wholesale Trustee & Administration
The SILC Group prides itself on providing independent, cost-effective and institutional grade trustee and administration services to investment managers. Our team of experienced professionals have a deep understanding of funds management across a range of trust structures and assets classes to be able to deliver an end-to-end offering in the establishment and operations of a fund including:

  • Assisting with the development of the fund strategy and structure.
  • Developing the fund disclosure documents (such as information memorandum) and assist with the marketing collateral.
  • Assisting with developing the full suite of fund compliance policies and supporting infrastructure, if required.
  • Appointing and engaging with the relevant service providers such as legal and tax advisors.
  • Undertaking the role of the wholesale trustee and custodian.
  • Providing the fund administration, reporting and registry services.
  • Managing investor on-boarding process including KC/AML compliance.
  •  Providing the ongoing fund governance and compliance.
  • Appointing the investment manager as an AFSL authorised representative under The SILC Group’s AFSL.
To learn more please click here: SILC Portfolio Solutions Information Sheet.

Security Trustee, Facility Agent & Payment Agent
The SILC Group has the capacity to undertake the role of security trustee, facility agent and/or payment agent on behalf of a syndicate or club of lenders in debt financing and securitisation transactions. In the role as a security trustee, facility agent or payment agent, we can undertake the following functions:

  • Managing all draw-down, repayment and rollover notices.
  • Complete calculations in accordance with transaction documents and ensuring payments are executed promptly and accurately.
  • Manage lender consents, waivers, facility amendments and approvals process.
  • Organise and facilitate meetings, correspondence and requests between syndicated members, borrowers, legal advisers and other third-party advisers.
  • Holding security on trust for lenders and beneficiaries.

The SILC Group is committed to developing and executing targeted capital raising solutions for select investment managers and private fund sponsors, adding notable value at every stage of the fundraising process.

Development and Implementation

Our team thoughtfully develops and allocates dedicated resources on each mandate. We work closely with our clients across all aspects of the fundraising process which include:

  • Formulating pre-marketing strategies
  • Preparation of marketing materials and facilitating roadshows/investor meetings
  • Liaise with potential investors and coordinate the due diligence process
  • Competitive positioning and terms negotiations
Capital Raising & Private Placement

Collectively, our team is able to draw on longstanding relationships with our network of wholesale and sophisticated investors, both globally and locally.

Drawing on their combined knowledge and experiences, our team is equipped with a deep understanding of various investor appetites and asset allocations – enabling them to offer alternative asset opportunities specific to the needs of wholesale investors.

A significant subset of the alternative asset universe, private equity (PE) is a form of financing where investments are made in unlisted companies (also known as portfolio companies) directly or through a unit trust. Exposure to PE can offer potential benefits to investors looking to diversify their portfolio as it could lead to reaping potentially higher returns whilst mitigating risks over the long term.

Typically, PE investments can be made in established and growth-oriented businesses in the form of equity, or ownership stake. PE investments are made with the goal of unlocking the value of each portfolio company which can be achieved by way of implementing operational improvements alongside flexible capital structures providing adequate downside protection.

Please click here for further information: SILC Private Equity Fund Information Sheet.

The SILC Group aims to offer our wholesale investors access to diligently selected private equity funds composed of proven investment strategies in differentiated PE market segments.

Our approach is guided by:

Relationships: Through our deep network of relationships, we work towards becoming the preferred partner for private equity fund managers and securing a direct deal flow.

Due diligence: We conduct a comprehensive fund manager assessment and selection criteria process and engage only fund managers who are aligned with our values to achieve favorable outcomes.

Value creation: We look to invest in private equity funds that drive transformation and focus on cultivating resilience in the underlying portfolio companies, enabling them to withstand market cycles and succeed in the long term.
The SILC Property Development Fund provides quality property developers with the opportunity to utilise a fund structure – pooling wholesale investor capital for a specific property development project. Using the established fund infrastructure, the development manager can focus on being responsible for overseeing the procurement, delivery and exit of the property project or asset.

The SILC Property Development Fund provides wholesale investors with a platform to gain equity exposure to selected property development assets and projects, experienced developers can use this platform to raise equity capital for compelling projects.

As the investment manager of the SILC Property Development Fund, The SILC Group is responsible for the following:

  • Investor registration and verification
  • Project due diligence and feasibility
  • Administration and reporting
  • Investor communication
  • Project SPV establishment
  • Supplementary Information Memorandum
  • Marketing collateral
  • Investment distributions
Please click here for further information: SILC Property Development Fund Information Sheet.

The SILC Group is equipped to offer a diverse range of traditional and specialised lending solutions  which include:  

  • Debt Structuring
  • Property Funding
  • Commercial Lending
  • Project Financing
  • Syndicated Loans

Serving as a partner and provider of capital, we work closely with our borrowing clients and adapt our approach to meet their needs.

The SILC Credit Fund

Given the volatility, risk and uncertainty in global financial
markets, access to debt capital from the traditional banking channels
has become more difficult for projects, assets and commercial
enterprises. As a result, business have sought to de-risk their balance
sheets and trading activities by diversifying their funding sources
through various ‘non-traditional’ channels and structures.

The SILC Credit Fund is a specialist alternative lending fund that
can flexibly provide projects, sponsors and assets with access to
commercial lending solutions to meet their capital requirements.

Please click here for further information: SILC Credit Fund Borrower Information Sheet.

Loan Syndications

Borrowers who are seeking alternative sources of funding can do so via syndicated loans. A syndicated loan is a process of bringing together a group of lenders and comes into play when the funding required by a borrower is too large an exposure for a single lender. To overcome this, a syndicated loan is arranged so that multiple lenders are able to share the loan and associated risks. The borrower on the other hand, is also able to spread its funding risk amongst different lenders. Syndicated loans generally operate like an ordinary loan – there is an interest rate and a repayment date or schedule.

The SILC Group acts as arranger, facility agent and security trustee of syndicated loans whereby we arrange a panel of financial institutions to jointly provide the loan and we also act as the intermediary between the borrower and lenders to facilitate the process throughout the life of the loan, ensuring our clients have a single point of contact.

Arranging Services
The SILC Group offers a loan arranging service where it provides the borrower guidance on the type of facilities that it may require and structuring the broad terms of those facilities. Once the framework of the borrower’s requirements is formed, The SILC Group organises a panel of lenders to provide the facilities and assists the clients in negotiating the terms with those lenders.
Facility Agent

The SILC Group can act as facility agent to facilitate the process of administering the loan facilities on a day to day basis. As facility agent The SILC Group carries out a number of functions including:

  • The borrower’s and lender’s main point of contact.
  • Monitoring the borrower’s compliance with the terms of the facility.
  • Receive notices and requests on behalf of the lenders from the borrowers.
  • Calculating fess, interest and principal payments due and providing notices to the parties.
  • Co-ordinate the receipt and distribution of funds to the relevant parties.
  • Managing requests from the borrower and decisions from the lenders. 
This facility agent function is carried out separately to the arranging services and security trustee role.
Loan Management Services

The SILC Group offers loan management services which includes:

  • Credit assessment
  • Loan and security documentation
  • Borrower management
  • Loan administration (fee and interest calculation, disbursement of payments received and ongoing compliance monitoring)
  • Investor/lender management and reporting
  • Loan default management