Unlisted Property

The SILC Property Development Fund provides quality property developers with the opportunity to utilise a fund structure – pooling wholesale investor capital for a specific property development project.

Using the established fund infrastructure, the development manager can focus on being responsible for overseeing the procurement, delivery and exit of the property project or asset.

The SILC Property Development Fund provides wholesale investors with a platform to gain equity exposure to selected property development assets and projects, experienced developers can use this platform to raise equity capital for compelling projects.

As the investment manager of the SILC Property Development Fund, The SILC Group is responsible for the following:

  • Investor registration and verification
  • Project due diligence and feasibility
  • Administration and reporting
  • Investor communication
  • Project SPV establishment
  • Supplementary Information Memorandum
  • Marketing collateral
  • Investment distributions

Please click here for further information: SILC Property Development Fund Information Sheet.

Unlisted Property

The SILC Group specialises in property consultancy, management and development and property related capital, corporate and portfolio solutions. Our team takes a holistic approach in integrating the physical planning, financing, marketing, management and other elements of the development process.  

Consulting & Advisory Services

Our team of specialists will critically assess a development project or opportunity and provide our independent assessment of feasibility, as well as realistic and practical advice / solutions to help maximise the profit and minimise the risks on a project. We can help guide our clients through the myriad of statutory constraints and requirements to prevent unnecessary delays. 

Our end-to-end consulting services cover the following: 

  • Project feasibility assessment 
  • Financial assessment and modelling 
  • Due diligence and risk management assessments 
  • Value management assessment and option analysis 
  • Advice on master and concept planning 
  • Recommendation and facilitation of introduction to consultants and specialist contractors 
  • Identification, recommendation and facilitation of joint venture partners 
  • Advice on statutory requirements including development approval submissions and title 
  • Advice on how to manage statutory authorities and community groups